women's cricket

An alluring question that often bogs the mind is should Cricket have a gender? Or, what gender might Cricket think of itself as having? Now if Cricket were to be skewed to a gender and if at all, that gumption were allowed to exist, wouldn’t the game suffer abysmally from an almost butchering strike-off of a particular sex, thus resulting in making itself into a minion? Would that make the sport cool? Imagine only men in the stadium; at the stands, in presentation ceremonies, outside on roads as cheery fans, then back home, in that waywardly looking make-do cricket pitch. Just men and men alone. Peril nightmare, right? Why then, do we not attribute women’s cricket its deserving place in a sport that’s not known to be gender-repulsive?

Just what seems to be the problem, especially here in India where the awareness, growth, development and reportage on women’s cricket is perhaps as abysmal as someone wearing orange sneakers over grey denim and a yellow vest on an important first date? Why then, must it be asked, does a country, that prides itself on calling India a representation of a mother’s land- through a poignant, inclusive feminist eye- not care enough about it’s women’s cricket?

If one could file a legal case that would’ve stood on adequate moral and sufficient legal fodder then surely true fans of Cricket would’ve filed a lawsuit against a whole of India on gross negligence of its women’s cricket.

Just where were you on May 15, 2017 as two of India’s finest opening batswomen- 19-year-old Deepti Sharma from Saharanpur and 27-year-old Poonam Raut from Maharashtra clobbered Ireland mercilessly, whilst striking a massive 320-run record opening stand?

Why didn’t this rare feat- so rare that never before in the official 6-decade history of the game had such a record been established-find enough media fodder or warmth among fans? In a country where Cricket is described as an alternate religion, the lack of coverage this special feat garnered by two of India’s finest batswomen is a mystery that not even a pious back-to-back reading of all Vedas shall entail! Or ever ascribe.

But while defeatists continue to mock women’s cricket at the behest of the ‘aggression’ and boundless ‘enthusiasm’ that it supposedly lacks when compared to the Men’s game, let it be known that not even an Australia, among the male-dominated sport, has managed the feat so remarkable as what these two rather nimble-looking females managed. The highest ever opening partnership in men’s 50-over cricket sees Aussies- Warner and Head who blazed a fiery 284 against Pakistan, earlier this year in January. Statistically, it was still 36 run clear of the indomitable

Statistically, it was still 36 run clear of the indomitable achievement amassed by India’s buoyant feminine powers. So while the BCCI has conveniently expressed its wonderment toward Deepti and Poonam’s epic run spree in 140 characters, what have the likes of Kohli, Dhoni got? Are we going to see yet another posh ultra-luxury waggon being gifted to two batswomen for whom clearly a gifting of luxury cannot extrapolate to cricketing achievement?


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