Virat Kohli
Colombo: India's Virat Kohli plays a shot against Sri Lanka during the 4th ODI match in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Thursday. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist (PTI8_31_2017_000176A) *** Local Caption ***


Fire and Ice. Such a cliche. Like the name of pub or a disco or perhaps even, a headline of a cheesy ad for some liquor. But it defines Virat Kohli today.

From the time he was a very young man, a fire has raged within Virat Kohli.

A rebellious flame that engulfed the surface and often made its way through in a violent burst, how else would you describe possibly the world’s most unstoppable batsman?

As the word of his ‘ability’ grew in voices, so did the word on his temper. It was an angry flame, which some people thought would burn him. But there is more to Kohli’s temperament that meets the eye.

Now at 29, there is still a fire within Virat Kohli.

But it is a fire that drives Kohli forward; it fuels his aspirations. You can see it in his eyes, for it conveys the desire and the hunger to excel on any given situation on a cricket field. How often has modern cricket seen in a cricketer both- a champion contestant erupting with emotions and a purely passionate campaigner driving the game with manic exultations?

Kohli’s electrifying love for the game conveys the raging fire cannot go to his head anymore, for there it encounters ice. It is a melange between the cool and calculable with the hThat is now a cold, calculated chamber, having the most intelligent acumen to take in all the necessary data, setting off alarm points, deciding when to run like a wind and when the ball needs to go over the covers..

To unpick the Kohli phenomena you almost need to look beyond cricket, beyond the accumulation of runs and records.

Virat Kohli is an inspiration and a role model for the youth today. We have seen his growing maturity, his consistency and his leadership abilities. Despite this, it’s fascinating what one can discover when there is a blend of knowledge and sensibilities along with the extraordinary skills and talent. You get that in Virat Kohli. The clarity of thoughts in a man who is not even turned 30 is something to marvel about.

Add to that his work ethic and discipline and a strong desire to remain fit is second to none..

The whole package that Virat Kohli is what makes him a youth icon.

If numbers only can present the truest picture, then 15000 odd international runs and 49 international hundreds under his belt, few will disagree that Virat Kohli is already a Legend.

Yet, 2018-19 period will be tough for Kohli with tours to South Africa, England and Australia lined up. As a captain and a No. 4 batsmen, it could very well be the sternest Test of Kohli’s career. It will be riveting to watch a man of his class tackle this period and emerge successfully.

Till the time it all unfolds, let us all hail this master batsmen and wish him a very Happy 29th Virat. Perhaps, one wonders if Bravo was referring to Kohli when he smashed his way to pop cult with ‘Champion’?


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