Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor has been arguably one of the talented athletes England cricket have ever produced and the International Cricket has witnessed so far. It was just not her skill with the gloves that stand out, but her role as the opening batter exhibited her complete talent as a cricketer. She was the kingpin on numerous occasions in International and ICC tournaments and also winning the Ashes thrice.

How Taylor’s career has evolved to be the player through these 13-years will give a reminder of how she fought against the demons in the male-dominated sport.

In 2004 she along with Holly Colvin were the only girls participating in the Lord’s Taverners under-15 Cup representing the Brighton College men’s team.

Taylor played in her school men’s team, later for Sussex. The glimpse of her calibre and skill was visible in her debut series against India way back in 2006. She stuck her maiden ton during the same series, which cemented her spot for the upcoming years. Then she went on to become a compulsory inclusion in the team since 2009.

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor

In a span of 2-years, she was the youngest player to rake up 1000 runs under her belt. Considering her swift action behind the stumps, she earned the spot as an opening batter alongside England’s great players like Charlotte Edwards, Claire Taylor etc. A player who saw the younger generation gradually replacing the all-time greats, she transformed with ease.

She was the three-times world-cup winner (2009, 2012, 2016) and named thrice as the player of the year for her brilliance with the bat and behind the stumps.

Her aim was to take the game to the highest standard, so she preferred the unexplored route to improve her game. In 2015, she was the first women cricketer to play in the Men’s Grade cricket representing Nothern district in Australia and also to play for Darton First XI.

She stands second in the tally for most International runs scored by England women with 6533 runs to her name and 232 dismissals behind the stumps.

Her role as a contributor to the team when it is needed the most, has defined her as a complete cricketer. In those lines, her role in the semi-finals of the 2017 World-cup has given England an entry to the finals, ultimately, they were crowned the World Champions.

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor was at the 4th position in the runs tally at the 2017-WC campaign, she was just 14-runs short of table topper Beaumont at an average of 49.5. Her sharp reflexes, a brilliant technique both with the bat and gloves made her a keeper who displayed the importance of keeping and its ability to change the game’s dynamics.

Adam Gilchrist lauding her as the best in the world right now has just added to her laurels with the gloves, that’s her credibility.
It’s always fascinating to see her keep and whip the bails in a flash and bat naturally. Cricket will always miss a bellowed disciple and one of the modern era’s great cricketer.

Something that makes her great is that despite her difficulties, it made her give a comeback even strongly (2017 return to international cricket after the indefinite break to Cricket in 2016) and she excelled in the game & didn’t let it consume her or the game itself. She gave cricket the importance to revive her. She is one of those who converted her upfront challenges to fruitful opportunities, which Sarah should always be proud of!!

Thank you, Sarah!!


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