Sports draw massive interest in a country like ours, where it may not be wrong to say, one cannot imagine a day without any sporting action, right?

There’s hardly a surprise that sports have been attributed a demi-god status in a country where there’s no dearth of legal minds- right? But look over your shoulder and absorb the canvass of talent in the country away from live-streams and live games.

Pause for a second and dive into what’s happening around you.

It’s that time of the year where you will be thrilled to witness a melting pot that presents budding legal talent in the country engaging in challenging sporting endeavors in a special way.

One of the country’s revered law schools, National University of Juridical Sciences is inviting participation in the 14th edition of INVICTA, their flagship annual sports event, a sensation where the past several years serve an example.

This is a remarkable opportunity to participate in a giant event- widely received as a revered sports law fest in India- that draws rampant participation from countless legal minds in training from across the country.

So mark your dates and block your calendar. To be held from the 7th of February to 9, 2020, Kolkata will be the epicenter of major sporting activity in the days to come.

The venerable Sports Authority of India and various local grounds in the “city of joy” shall be the venue for various sports events spread across a versatile portfolio of INVICTA at NUJS.

The 14th edition of Para Invicta is centered around the NUJS campus, the nectar of sorts for law students in India, like its previous editions, looks forward to challenging exclusivity which is associated with the arena of competitive sports fests in the nation.

But that said, why’s INVICTA one of a kind and what what you must know about INVICTA at NUJS?


A lot can be understood about the essence of INVICTA when one understands its sheer longevity.

2007 was seminal to world cricket given the ICC World Cup held that year in the land of the Sir Sobers, Sir Viv, and the great Lara.

But that very year, a one-of-a-kind sporting event was taking place in a decorated law university, in another part of the world, in the land of the ‘God’ or ‘Master blaster’.

INVICTA had been birthed and it would since then, rise as a force, batting always on the front foot.

Today, INVICTA is known all around India. Ever since the year of its inception, one of the jewels of the NUJS has emerged as the go-to ‘largest law school fest’ around the country.

As the oldest law school sports fest in India, over the years, INVICTA has become a brand in itself. It’s an event that given the competitiveness and its checkered history is being touted as a must-watch by none other than the likes of Gautam Gambhir, Irfan Pathan, and the likes.

At the heart of one of India’s most sought-after sports fest is a dedicated Organizing Committee-one constituted specifically for the execution of this mega event- that collaborates with the Sports Committee of National University of Juridical Sciences, or the NUJS, as they say, in Kolkata.

Past editions of this exceedingly popular law school fest have seen participation from 41 universities and 2 countries.

An array of interesting formal and informal events is held at the Sports Authority of India facilities and other various grounds during INVICTA at NUJS. And these aren’t just any sporting events; they are held in accordance with the international best practices and involve recognized global referees and umpires. To a country that possesses a massive and myriad sporting talent, what could be better, one asks, than partaking in several sporting events that are exclusively for the ‘lawyers-in-training!

While professional sports and law are fields that are both daunting and full of rigors, one wonders what could be a better way to bring two diverse spheres through a common bridge?

So whether it’s Football, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Cycling, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, or Volleyball- and there are a plethora of events- where countless scholarly minds studying law bond and group whilst showcasing sporting talent.

How to register for the event?

The following links have been opened for the process of registration. INVICTA welcomes individual, Team as well as University Contingent participation for the sports fest.

Individual registration

For those whose law schools do not have Sports Committees but they wish to register for individual participation in different sporting events like badminton, squash, athletics, swimming, etc.

Use the link here 

Team registration

For those whose law schools do not have Sports Committees and wish to register their university teams for team participation for different sports events.

Use the link here

University Contingent registration

For those law schools that have Sports Committees, where their convenors or co-convenors will complete the registration process of all the teams.

Use the link here


Key contacts

Kindly send E-mail to

Alternately, you can contact on the following numbers:

Stephen: +918129439846

Prakhar: +918808888187

Harsh Vardhan Singh: +919415669406


Should there be any further information, kindly use the link here

So why wait any further. Let the games begin!!


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