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Immediately after their 269-run loss to hosts England, the West Indies Cricket team issued a huge notice to hundreds and thousands of fans that got everyone talking.

Giving due consideration to their technical prowess in batting- or the lack of it- West Indies made it official that from now on, they’d be called the Leg Before Wicket Cricket Team; and not by any other name.

And maintained the said consideration should be considered with immediate effect by the honorable ICC: keepers and protectors of the game.

But dazed and confused by the suddenness of their decision, fans jumped to a cesspool of Tweets and Facebook posts asking captain Holder, batting coach Floyd Reifer and overall coach Phil Simmons about the puzzling decision.

To this, they were informed courtesy a statement issued on Windies Cricket Board site, “Given the penchant of our cricket team to stick to their preferred mode of dismissal on this English tour, the decision was taken in full consciousness with the players and members of the squad in the right senses.”

You were compelled to pinch yourself: what the hell, what on earth is this?

But if you were to step aside from the rather bizarre name, perhaps it makes sense.

After all, in the 3 Test matches (6 batting outings), with several modes of dismissal available to the batsmen, they chose to stick with LBW. Nothing else.

It seemed the Windies forgot more creative ways of getting out. For instance- being timed out? Did any batsman think of that? Just don’t walk out to bat on time. Easy if you like. Saves you the embarrassment of being trapped plumb in front.

But this is West Indies cricket after all; there’s nothing untoward in their strategy, a team that backs performances based on big numbers.

Remember Lara‘s 400?

That was fifteen summers ago. On this tour, however, West Indies batsmen did stick with great consistency being out leg before on 19 occasions in 30 attempts.

West Indies against England in 2020
Being bowled is uncool, LBW is the ‘in thing!’ Source: SportsMax

Want to see consistency in Test match cricket? Think beyond Rahul Dravid.

Move away from Shiv Chanderpaul.

You have his team: the West Indies, oh, sorry the Leg before wicket team.

Takes time, you see.

Moreover, there’s another great reason to believe West Indies stuck with the right choice on this occasion.

Of their 19 LBW dismissals on this tour, they found a way to get out LBW on 8 occasions in just 1 Test match.

Want more?

They even found a way to get out LBW to a particular English bowler, denying others the distinguished honor to catch their batsmen vision-less and of course, minus any footwork.

Stuart Broad wasn’t complaining, for sure. The Windies fans were, perhaps slapping themselves seeing a batting performance that would give the upcoming team from Burkina Faso that they can outperform West Indies in the very game they once dominated.

In the first inning, at Third Test (Manchester), Chase, Holder, and Cornwall chose Broad to dismiss them leg before. Next inning, Holder and Cornwall picked Chris Woakes instead as if he were some beer with better lager. They had Dowrich for company.

Three batsmen out LBW in each inning. Overall, 4 in 10 batsmen were out LBW in the final West Indian inning.

But all said, gladly the series was titled Wisden, not Wisdom.

For the fashion in which Holder’s team betrayed the faith of those who backed the side to retain the trophy would’ve suggested Windies fans absolutely lacked all wisdom. Perhaps they do.

Nonetheless, what’s the next series the Leg Before Wicket team are contesting in?

Disclaimer: this is cricketing satire, please do not hassle yourself or take this article seriously!


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