Cricket South Africa

Is it curtains for South Africa cricket?

Well, to answer the question which serves as the title for this piece, as a die-hard Protea supporter ‘I surely hope not.’

Hope is a funny word when it comes to cricket in South Africa, with the hope of the Proteas not choking on the field during big occasions, but alas that has happened repeatedly.

There are days where the fan is let down by a disappointing performance on the ground. But what confronts the fan right now is a problem far bigger and chaotic than any performance low.

Ask Lance Klusener, or AB de Villiers, or for that matter Dale Steyn.

Having said this, the South African faithful is now witnessing the biggest choke in South African cricket with the recent development of SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) taking over the reins from Cricket South Africa.

From my understanding, this is as good as the Government running cricket in this beautiful country which as per ICC rules might get the Proteas an international ban.

Moreover, when it comes to the Government running things in South Africa, the less we say the better with their happy uncanny knack of making everything they get into go south, look at Eskom (national electricity supplier), look at South African Airways, look at the ever-increasing crime, look at the rampant farm attacks and murders, look at gender-based violence and the most important thing, corruption with their cadres just filling in their pockets from the hard-earned tax payer’s money.

This also comes at a time when IRR (Institute of Race Relations) has written to the ICC demanding the intervention in the affirmative action policy of CSA preferring black consultants over other races when it comes to various positions in the South African coaching system.

Truth be told, the only respite or for that matter something to look forward to, that the everyday South African has amid all the ills plaguing their nation is a sport and now with this recent development, I won’t be surprised if that’s also a thing of the past.

Well if there is no Cricket in South Africa what will one look forward to?

Imagine what the Protea players must be feeling?

What wrong have they done, to deserve this?

They just want to go out there and give their best for the country each time, every time!

Recently through SACA (South African Cricketers Association), they have expressed their displeasure with the way cricket is been run in this country amid administrative malfunctions and corruption.

‘Issues such as suspensions, dismissals, resignations, forensic audits, confidential leaks, litigation, and financial mismanagement have dominated the cricket headlines. This is happening at a time when we are having challenging conversations about transformation, and in an environment where the financial viability of the game is under major threat.

Politics and self-interest appear to trump cricket imperatives and good governance. Decisions must be made that are in the best interests of cricket, failing which the game we love may be irreparably damaged in this country.

The Proteas teams must be strong, the domestic structure must be strong, and the transformation pipeline must be strong – we demand that this be the focus of the CSA Board and Operational Team.’

The reason to pen the statement was their unhappiness with the state of cricketing affairs in the country and personally somewhere through this statement, I felt they still had a glimmer of hope for things to shape up!

But alas, don’t think with SASCOC in the picture now, that’s happening!

CSA intends to challenge this SASCOC to take over, though they are also no better in their functioning with constant resignations, corruption, and no clear leadership or direction.

Truth be told, I have absolutely no faith left in things to soar in the southern tip of Africa!

But who knows, as the saying goes there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

Well if this saying applies to cricket in South Africa and to the faith of every Protea supporter, only time will tell.


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