Value of Sports
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No grandparents in family. A car but minus the steering wheel. No coffee on a boring routine day.

What else is indispensable? Something life can’t be imagined without?

How about a life without any sport in it?

Is that life in the first place?

Or better yet, a life without understanding the value of sports; the heroes it births not just the stars shaped by it, the many inspiring lives that become an inspiration not the word for the heck of it?

And if life is indeed nothing without the influence of and role played by sports then what does that life lead to?

What good could possibly be gained if you and I, for instance, simply stared at a scoreboard without having an understanding of what went behind the scenes?

The effort it took to make a scoreboard soar. The bowling spells that went into making a scoreboard look like a dilapidated structure. The cricketers who made a low scoring or high scoring contest worth your while.

The pains. The journeys. Struggles. Achievements. Success stories. Moving tales.

All the stuff that so often goes begging simply because in a stat-driven age we ‘perhaps’ become all too obsessed with results and the math of the sport, the human factor not too much.

Yes there’s content out there that has expert opinion. Rather there’s too much of it. But what about the vacuum area that needs to be filled between us the audience and those who make sports happen.

The heroes, i.e., the triers and the doers! Umpires. Referees. Batsmen. Racing car drivers. Footballers. Bowlers. Keepers. Coaches. Administrators. Football commentators. Rally racing drivers. Pugilists. Martial art champions you didn’t know existed. Golfers who don’t get the headlines- but- the right shots. Basketball team managers you had no clue were responsible for giving you and I the greatest names.

T20 names you often give the raw deal for they didn’t play Tests. Test cricketers you think could’ve done great at T20Is.

Badminton coaches none knew much about but always wanted to know.

Cricket journalists you don’t hear a lot about but those that continue to keep their head down and write stories that have their heart at the right place, with scant regard for leaning toward dim-witted popcorn journalism style content.

Vernon A Springer and Calvin Blankendal, who bring you On Drive and Football Insights are bringing a revolutionary new approach to consume sporting content: Value of Sports.

True to its name, Value of Sports will present mega newsmakers and in some case, those who couldn’t make massive news but kept persisting despite all odds.

For sport was their true religion above anything else.

Using unbridled passion and quintessential hunt for depth in sporting content, Vernon A. Springer and Calvin Blankendal will deep dive into the endlessly exciting world of sports from the lens of personalities who’ve shaped our world with their mighty talent.

Vignettes of inspiring, moving, hitherto unheard stories that need to be given an ear to!

A peak into the countless lives, hailing from divergent contests that truly lend meaning to the term ‘value of sports.’

A series of exclusive conversations will form the core of a fantastic revolutionary new approach to consuming sports like we never did.

The platform? Video content that’s informative, engaging, participative.

The hosts? Two cerebral forces engaging in dialogue with lives that give value to sports.

Watch this space for more awesome content coming your way through the Value of Sports.

No sports, no life. Know sports, know life!


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