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Bob Dylan, among the most influential artists of his time, rather of any time, once famously sang, “The Times.. They Are A Changin‘!” In so doing, he spoke evocatively about a period of time in American history, where everything was primed for change. His music and lyrics evoked awe and spoke about change everywhere, whether in the socio-cultural landscape or the genre of theatre and arts, even the sphere of politics and its impact on the commoner. They brought to life a sense of awakening in that the fabric of the society was embracing a way forward, a way to chart a new course of its future.

In some ways, this change that Dylan spoke about, also finds its way to the world of sports, and more specifically speaking, sports content. Ever thougt about it? It’s all telling.

Let’s take cricket for example, one of the sports alongside Soccer, Formula 1 and others, that has undergone tremendous change in the way we hear about it, the way it is covered. This is an era of presentation.

Old, dreary, insipid reports are out. Insights are in. Today’s the era of ball-by-ball coverage, as they say. Reportage has found big value nowadays. There’s more attention on details and big value is sought from analysis. But something telling casts itself out in the new way sports coverage and presentation occurs, whether information is sought on the big TV screen, phone apps or news scrolls.

Perhaps, not always does one find attention given to those newsmakers who, well are newsmakers in the world of sports but are hardly thought of as being one. This also raises a poignant question- are those who are out there ont the field the only ones who are involved in sport?

Is that all?

While today sports have involved a greater focus on media presenters, broadcasters and those who punctuate a dull match report with incisive analysis, there are a lot many we ought to hear from but we don’t actually.

This is precisely where Cal Blankendal steps in. This is where his partner and good friend, a fellow co-sports content presenter Vernon A Springer steps in. This is where Value of Sports and On Drive, two unique sports content platforms in the space of digital sports coverage and broadcasting, step up the game. This is where change in the world of sporting content takes form.

In order to bring you real life stories, success stories, unsung career narratives, under appreciated lives, and let’s say, roles that are connected to sport that we must know about but we so often do not- for there aren’t many touching base with them – Cal Blankendal has created room for change.

His valuable YouTube-based platforms- Value of Sports and On Drive, the latter exclusively dedicated to Cricket- endeavour to bring you life stories of professionals and athletes, but not only athletes, related to the world of sport.

Gone are the days where parents only wanted children to either pursue Medicine, Law, or Engineering- today, sports are considered a mainstream career option. But honestly, the cricketers, footballers, F1 drivers, Golfers or Basketballers aren’t the only forces that are driving their respected fields forward; there are several talents and skilled minds connected to them that are pushing forward the entire sporting narrative. And they all must be heard from.

The lawyers in sports. The cricket agents who field for key opportunities for the budding athletes. The sports medicine doctors. Even an intern in an F1 team connected to its finance department.

In 2021, Cal Blankendal’s Value of Sports and On Drive did this very thing, by bringing to us versatile lives connected directly to the world of sports but ones we didn’t know much about.

Next year, Cal Blankendal, working ever so constantly with Sports analyst and Cricket expert Vernon A Springer in developing these digital outlets, has big plans for 2022.

Caught At Point explored what those plans are. And what does the brand new year entail for a passionate man who’s not only connected intricately to the world of Football and Cricket but is now bringing you tales from its ecosystem from a wider world:

“The intent for 2022 is to increase our number of interviews, expand more and create more diversification of content. To have an increased focus on women’s programme and issues they face in sports; the challenges, problems and opportunities thereof will be a big part of the agenda for us here at Value of Sports and On Drive. To continue to bring high level content from across the Caribbean region as well as to focus on the international sporting profiles will be the key for us.”

When asked about just how does the Caribbean Sports and Entertainment Management Group wish to further its reach in 2022 in order to fulfil these goals, the following is what Cal Blankenal added, “We are looking to partner with external or third party vendors toward sports communication and media coverage. Ultimately, the goal is to become a mainstream sports content media entity for people when they need to look for not some run-of-the-mill but unique sporting content!”


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