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The Indian Premier League (IPL) season 2022 season is all set to kick start on Mar 26 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. The big moment is here. And so is the matchless excitement and fanfare.

Surely, those who label it as T20 cricket’s biggest party aren’t too off the mark- or are they? What we have in the next few hours is the IPL 2021 finalists Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders locking horns with each other in the opening match.

That’s old rivalry getting reforged again. But then, what is new?

As a matter of fact, all teams will be playing with updated rules and revised playing conditions made by BCCI ahead of the upcoming IPL season. From changing Decision Review System (DRS) per innings to strict bio bubble restrictions, here is the full list of new IPL 2022 rules and revised playing conditions:

Decision Review System (DRS)

The BCCI has increased the number of Decision Review System (DRS) to two from one per innings. DRS was introduced in the IPL 2018 season for the first time with only one review per innings.

Bio Bubble Breach

The revered BCCI will take serious action against players and team officials who breach the Bio Bubble Covid-19 protocols, they may face a one-match suspension or re-quarantine for a week.

“The COVID-19 pandemic poses a serious threat to the health of individuals and the cooperation, commitment and adherence by each Person Subject To These Operational Rules to the measure put in place to provide a safe environment is of paramount importance,” the BCCI said.

Match Rescheduling due to Covid 19

The BCCI will reschedule the match for later if eleven players and at least one substitute are not fit to play the match due to Covid 19 issues. 

New Batter to take strike after catch dismissals

BCCI welcomed the suggestion of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) which says that, upon a catch dismissal, irrespective of whether the batters have crossed or not the new batter will take the strike unless it’s the last ball of the over.

If that’s not a great new overhaul to a rule that seemed rather prehistoric, then what is?

No Super Over Result or Tie

Remember the ICC 2019 final between New Zealand and England?

Let me refresh your memories if you’re not able to remember it.

The cricketing world witnessed the first-ever Super Over in 50-over format, England won the World Cup 2019 final on the boundary count — 26 to 17.

As per ICC rules, in the case of a tied Super Over, the team with the most number of boundaries wins the game.

Now, the BCCI has introduced a special rule for playoffs/final that will be considered for the 15th edition of the IPL. If the playoff/final match ends with Super Over/Tie and there is no possibility to go with another Super Over then the result will be announced on the basis of the league’s points table rankings. The team with higher points on the table will be the winner. 

We hope that all updated rules & revised playing conditions will benefit the players/teams and we will get to see the more heart-breaking T20 finishes in this season than all of the last editions of Indian Premier League. 

Please do let us know and share your suggestions  in the comment section whether you agree/disagree with the new IPL 2022 rules and revised conditions.

You can find a further explainer of the new IPL rules herewith:


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