Metronomes CC
source: Mr. Michael Coleman of the Metronomes CC

To know the Metronomes, is to know the truth that Cricket has a purpose that goes beyond the enigma of statistics!

The main purpose of Cricket is to gather runs, effect dismissals, claim wins and avoid losses and in so doing, raise the quality of sport. That’s what teams have done ever since the inception of the sport. That is what teams will continue to do for times to come.

But is that the only purpose there is?

Probably, there’s more to the game than establishing one’s authority over the opponent. Probably, Cricket is about circulating a message and adding to a cause.

Few have done so with such fervent enthusiasm as the UK-based team known as Metronomes CC.

Fair to say, not all are aware of just what the real purpose of the Metronomes really is.

Those of us who aren’t just confined to the realm of burgeoning stats and usual number-crunching, would appreciate Cricket can connect hearts, forge communities and spread messages.

And that is precisely what the Metronomes CC do with a lot of heart.

Remember the person who introduced you to the sport; the fingers you grabbed; the shoulders you leaned on, and the celebrations you were a part of when Cricket just happened to you?

The one on whose behest you got introduced you Cricket- whether a kind neighbour, an aunt, a giving cousin- is no less than a parent.

Now imagine the plight and challenge of that parent whose children are affected by autism? Forget not that challenges aren’t faced only by your favourite cricketer, say one who runs out of form; it too can happen to that cricket-obsessed parent whose kids battle autism, a condition that, as on date, affects, 700,000 in the UK and over 100,000 in India.

But instead of taking a backseat and letting the enormity of pressure get to them, Michael Coleman, along with his wife, the two driving forces behind the Metronomes CC, thought of taking the autism challenge head on.

What Michael and his wife face today is, perhaps, in cricketing lexicon, a huge follow-on score.

Something had to be done. Sitting back worried would have helped none.

Not their adorable kids at all.

So akin to Ponting’s pull off the front foot or Lara’s gorgeous cover drive, this gutsy UK couple hit autism to the fence for a four.

Their weapon of hitting back? The Metronomes CC.

Though, how it all began is the real courageous tale that makes the Metronomes one of a kind.

Caught At Point were fortunate to interact with Mr. Michael Coleman. A doting dad, a caring husband, a brave parent, one of the main pillars behind the Metronomes cricket team, opened his heart about his tour de force attempt along with his wife and a group of cricketers to fight against a challenge that can easily overwhelm anyone around.

What was the idea behind the known Metronomes team?

The Metronomes team was born when an autism podcast TWS sportspod got in touch with @psychadelic37 on twitter to help promote their podcast for an upcoming awards “the sports podcast awards” in which they ended up winning the Equality & Social impact award. We have been on very good terms with TWS ever since and support them as they have us in the time since that tweet.

The pod was very close to our heart as our eldest son is Autistic and our daughter is being tested for autism. So promoting such a well meaning and frankly Autism positive podcast was a no brainer for us.

Once that tweet went out Bex was asked to create a team to take part in a charity cricket event against another charity cricket club called @HeavenHelpUsCC all proceeds going to @autism (national autistic society). Within a couple of weeks thanks to the support of @matttuffsy and @benbonney1999 we were able to accept the offer and Matt was able to create an incredible kit with his company @ambitionsport.

Next came the name. Our eldest Jacob, has always had trouble sleeping and we bought him a metronome as he loves the sound of clocks ticking. So he could then choose the timing of the tick. Once we had said this to our team, now made up of 25 people forming a totally inclusive and supportive group. They said that would make a great club name. The Metronomes CC was born.

What inspired you in the first place?

Mentioned tws above, our son Jacob and daughter for the way they are and who they are. Inspiration to actually believe we could do this was thanks to Bex, Ben, Matt and all the metronomes who pulled in the same direction and made sure it would be a success.

How has the team grown / progressed

The team started as people requesting to be a part of the journey. Some of the members of our team are autistic, and as we said, we are a fully inclusive team so we want people from every part of our incredible life and world.

We have a rainbow kit, designed by Matt and agreed on by the whole team.

Supporting LGBTQ and we also have the trans logo in support of trans people across the world and in our team whom we have been lucky enough to be friends with.

The team has stayed at roughly the same size for this year and then will grow slightly next year to support games against other teams for 2023.

Our support team has grown and done amazing things too. Especially @Vikslew, who has done amazing things getting prizes for the game. One of the more weird and wonderful is a pair of short shorts donated by Mickey Arthur from his time at Sri Lanka. Viks also donated a signed 2007 England shirt from Stuart Broads first England test.

We have had incredible support from so many people including the @lengthdoes pod of Jonny Hayes and @durhamcricket bowler Chris Rushworth – Chris donated a huge amount of kit for our players, which has been distributed around the country to our players so they can get into form ahead of the big day. Also a very special thanks to @villagcricketco who when they saw one of our players needed help finding a bat for the game, have sent us two bats to help our players perform on the big day. We really have so many more to thank and have done so in person, and will be grateful to them for everything they’ve done for us in a hectic 6 months.

We really couldn’t be more proud to have our team and the support they show for each other and the cause is really something special to be a part of.

Not one of us had met before this, and we have travelled the length and breadth of the country enjoying cricket matches and nets together. We have even got members of the team and support team clubs for them to play cricket. Supporting players into cricket is something we try to do for all and accept requests from anyone to try to match them with a club. We love every single one of them.

What do you further envisage for this very amazing bunch of talents and individuals.

Future games have been spoken about with other clubs who have been incredibly supportive from the moment our club has been set up. So for 2023 we are expecting around 4 games to be played across the UK, all supporting inclusivity and acceptance of all and discussions with teams will be ongoing once we have played our inaugural game of 2022 for National Autistic Society, helping to celebrate their 60yrs supporting autistic people across the UK.


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