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“Ikhatte Rehna hai, koi kissi ko blame nahi karega iss team mein!”

Everyone needs to stay together and nobody in this team will blame anyone else for the loss!

That’s precisely what Pakistan captain Babar Azam said after the defeat against India in the tournament opener.

Three days after that harrowing, soul-crushing defeat to India, the men-in-green were handed another defeat, and this time, the opposition was Zimbabwe. At that moment, commentators, ex-cricketers, fans, and everyone who was witnessing it closely had ruled Pakistan out of T20 World Cup 2022 race.

But little did we know that author who was writing this script had different plans?

In the next game against The Netherlands, Pakistan played their A game and came out on top. Since that game, Pakistan didn’t lose even a single game in the T20 World Cup 2022.

So, what changed suddenly for Pakistan?

How Pakistan team who lost against India and Zimbabwe is making things look easy?

Honestly, nothing has changed for Pakistan. I believe, it was India who got lucky and won the first game. Pakistan were cruising through and could have easily won the first game of the tournament. However, the sheer brilliance of Virat Kohli proved to be the difference between two sides. But Pakistan did play well in that game.

But do you know what is best part of Pakistan team? They are never the favorites to win any World Cup. Keep your hand on your heart and ask yourself – Have you ever kept Pakistan team as the favorites to win any ICC tournaments? – Well, I am sure you have got a smile on your face and answer as well.

However, even after those thoughts, you can never rule them out of any game that they play. They play with that intensity. One reckons, as Pak play England, they are the only team that’ll will go all out even if they need 10 off 1 thinking that the bowler might bowl a no ball.

Not just that; they’ll get an extra delivery to finish the game. That’s what makes this team different from any other team in the world.

Even against New Zealand, though people wanted an India-Pakistan final, the predictions, the analysis were still favoring the Kiwis to win it.

However, we all know what happened.

Pakistan came out on top and surprised all with their performance.

Now, ahead of the mega Sunday clash where Pak play England at the MCG, the sub-continental force are still not favorites to win the game. Still, it’s hard for anyone to accept the fact that they might give a good fight to Englishmen.

But I believe, sometimes, it’s okay to not be favorites and still win the trophy because that’s what matters.

Hopefully, Pakistan team which is keeping ‘Roza’ tomorrow for the big final just like the 1992 World Cup can repeat the heroics at the iconic MCG venue.

If that actually happens, I believe, it will be one of the best fairytale endings and will also teach people to NEVER GIVE UP and BELIEVE in yourself even if everyone on the outside have ruled you out.

-the views expressed in the article are solely the author’s, they do not reflect those of the publication!


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