source: The Sports Rush

As one of the most coveted international cricketing events dawns upon us, the biggest talking point in the cricketing world is around the fast approaching one day World Cup. 

With hosts India all set to submit a fresh bid to capture the mega trophy, one that each playing nation simply dreams about, there’s widespread talk around the possibility of winning a trophy that in the aftermath of 2011, remains elusive. 

For sure, any watcher of the game- whether the intrepid cricket fan or a casual glancer of sports headlines- knows that hosts India possess the mighty talent of capturing the big trophy. 

There’s Virat and Rohit and there’s the gaggle of young guns including Gill, Bumrah, Kishan, Samson, Bishnoi among others who’ve got their eyes set on the most important award in the sporting extravaganza. 

OneCricket, during a recent conclave held in the Caribbean in the wake of the ongoing India-West Indies series had the chance to pick the brains of Ian Bishop on the same. 

Yet, why have India not been able to lift an ICC trophy since winning the famed Champion’s Trophy last in 2013? 

The former deadly fast bowler from Trinidad and Tobago who’s considered among the noted voices on the game today had the following to say- 

“Hard to really pinpoint any one thing. The World Test Championship finals were played in England. And there’s an acclimatisation process, just a small example that you need when you go to England to compete well. And the two times they’ve made it, New Zealand were already playing Test cricket in England, and so they were ahead of the game. And then they encountered Australia there, and India had to fly in and turn things around in a short space of time.”


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