The sun is shining. The weather is sweet but for India-not for West Indies. But again-just who do they blame for yet another pitiable performance on the ground?

Time and time again, we have witnessed the West Indies relinquishing a promising position, resulting in devastating defeats that not only leave their loyal fans heartbroken but also dampen the spirits of their own team members. 

The West Indies must be feeling the pressure as they go into this last game, considering they had a comfortable 2-nil lead at one point. 

Call it the perils of not getting the job done and waiting until too late before the situation completely turns on its head. 

Despite being in Florida, a completely new venue their performance lacked novelty as seen a few hours ago. Once again, the West Indies displayed impetuosity in their batting during the fourth T20I of the series. 

It would have been ideal for them to demonstrate intent and aim for a formidable total that could have put India on the back foot and possibly turned the outcome of both match and series in their favour.

Not that 178 was a small ask; but was it going to be enough for a powerful Indian line up that has some of the most renowned names around?

The big win for Windies, it could be argued, was Rovman Powell winning the toss and batting first. 

The talented Kyle Mayers showcased his powerful hitting abilities, unleashing some impressive shots. However, despite his explosive start, he seemed unable to sustain his momentum for a significant period of time. The story of much of his career in the post 210* against Bangladesh; Mayers quickly gets his eye in, scores freely and throws it all away.  

How’s that helping his cause?

On thee other hand, Arshdeep Singh  showcased his skills with a well-directed and fast-paced delivery. Mayers, however, attempted to employ contemporary batting techniques that capitalize on the bowler’s pace to hit the ball over the wicket keeper’s head. 

Unfortunately, he failed to execute it successfully as the ball was too close to him, resulting in his departure at a low cost once again.

With Shai Hope finally making a comeback into the T20 setup after a year, his impressive performance at number#3  showcased his undeniable talent. 

His elegant strokes served as a testament to his skills and solidified his position as the best batsman in the Caribbean, capable of excelling in all formats of the game.

Somewhere he knows, that upping the T20 strike whilst protecting his wicket is the key to success. Probably, the lesson Hope is willing to learn while the others are not. 

What we also saw again was Brandon King displaying some impressive shots, and yet  failed to maintain the composure needed to build a solid innings. 

Did he play a part in his team losing the previous game wherein a run-a-ball 42 didn’t exactly lead to great results?

The West Indies cricket team has been consistently losing wickets while trying to score quickly, following a playing style they have adhered to for a long time. 

However, this approach has proven unsuccessful in yielding sustainable results. 

And yet, they seem resistant to change in that there’s little willingness to learn from their mistakes and adapt a strategy accordingly.

But it’s not that nothing went the Windies’ way. 

Despite facing heavy criticism for his lacklustre performance in the series, Shimron Hetmyer finally showcased remarkable perseverance when it seemed like his team was on the verge of giving up. 

With calculated risks and strategic moves, Hetmyer skilfully kept the Indian bowlers at bay during the crucial middle overs. His display of determination and resilience amid adversity proved pivotal in turning the game around.

Can’t he do this more often?

Shai Hope showcased exceptional support by skilfully rotating the strike while delivering powerful strokes to maintain the innings’ momentum. 

Just as it seemed he was ready to completely dominate, he unfortunately holed out at long on, leaving Windies fans feeling deeply disappointed.

Hetty displayed an extraordinary level of determination as he relentlessly marched forward, completing his half-century in just 35 balls. 

His was an outstanding performance and was crucial to kick-start his future endeavours and set a strong foundation for success.

He managed to score an impressive 61 runs ensuring that his team reached a respectable total of 178 on the scoreboard.

Even if you possess exceptional talent and skills, it’s crucial not to become complacent and expect success without putting in consistent effort. 

While there may be instances where being aggressive from the start yields positive results, it is not a guaranteed formula for success. It is important to approach situations with a balanced strategy that considers various factors for long-term achievements.

India commenced their pursuit of the challenging Windies total with an impressive display of aggressive batting. 

The two openers were simply unstoppable. What didn’t help, of course, was mediocre West Indies bowling that often lacks little or no planning. 

Yashasvi Jaiswal, in particular, took charge and unleashed a barrage of powerful shots all over the park. His onslaught on the inconsistent and vulnerable Jason Holder was particularly severe.

Was this even a premier bowling all rounder the game doing his best? 

Here’s a humble submission to Jason Holder. 

Why settle for having a magnificent, towering physique if you can’t fully utilize your God-given body structure and exceptional talent? 

It’s important to maximize the potential of your physical attributes and abilities to truly excel and achieve greatness. 

Might sound like lame advice but don’t let your incredible physique go to waste – harness it in order to reach new heights of success.

What’s also important to note is that some players from the Windies cricket team may have a more relaxed attitude on the surface. 

While they may occasionally surprise with exceptional performances, consistency might not be their strongest suit.

They simply allowed an out of form Gill to return to it in a big way. No planning whatsoever to curb Gill’s freely scoring ways. 

Resultantly, Gill and Jaiswal made an incredible partnership, scoring 165 runs for the opening wicket – the highest ever for India in T20Is. Their outstanding performance helped India successfully chase down a target of 179 runs, bringing the series against West Indies to a tie at 2-2 with one game remaining.

Get ready for an exciting showdown this Sunday as the highly anticipated final match of the series approaches. 

India’s dominant performance against the West Indies has left spectators in awe, making it quite a challenge for the home team to overcome their formidable opponents.

The men hailing from the Caribbean are renowned for their unpredictability, adding an exciting element to any series. When they are in the zone, their remarkable abilities can lead them to pull off unbelievable feats that solidify their place in history. 

But it is about time that their unstructured and often, unplanned ways make way for some clear spark of thinking. Else, what’ll transpire in the next few hours will be yet another opportunity thrown away. And we are all too familiar with that aspect of the West Indies cricket. 


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