Virat Kohli
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In the game against Australia, India found themselves in a tough spot, losing three wickets early on with only three runs on the board. They were desperately in need of someone to come to their rescue, and who better than the extraordinary Virat Kohli? With his exceptional skill and talent, he proved once again why he is considered one of the best in the game.

While we appreciate the incredible skills of all the great batsmen in cricket history, it’s undeniable that Kohli possesses a special talent. He has a deep understanding of his own strengths and plays to them effectively, never attempting to force something that isn’t there. His approach is both strategic and calculated, making him an exceptional player in every sense.

Running between the wickets is absolutely crucial in cricket, and Virat Kohli understands this better than anyone else. His game primarily relies on his physicality and impressive fitness level, allowing him to swiftly seize every opportunity to snatch a run while batting.

When it comes to setting Virat apart from others, it appears there are several key pointers that stand out, from what could well be an infinite list:

Stealing singles

By constantly seeking to steal a single run and refusing to allow bowlers to build momentum against him, he proves himself to be an astute batsman. His strategic approach frustrates the bowlers, making them believe they have the upper hand when in reality he remains steadfast and difficult to dismiss.

Looking For 4’s, Finding them When Perhaps There Seem To Be None

When faced with a challenging situation, one might assume that the King Kohli is on the defensive. However, as soon as an opportunity arises and the bowlers make a mistake, he quickly capitalises by scoring boundaries. 

Not only does he not lose confidence, this strategy helps him compensate for any lulls in run scoring and maintain momentum in their game.

So far, Kohli has hit 1,238 fours in ODI cricket, lest it is forgotten.

Virat Kohli
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The Great Adapter

Virat Kohli’s unique skill lies in his ability to adapt his game across all formats, proving that the fundamentals remain consistent in any facet of life. He patiently waits for the right moment, puts in the hard work to overcome challenges, and strategically capitalizes on specific opportunities to boost performance. This approach of Virat Kohli not only applies to cricket, but can also be applied to various aspects of life for sustained success.

At the moment, Virat Kohli has scored 13,223 ODI runs, 8,766 Test runs and, of course, north of 4,000 T20I runs.

Game Awareness

In order to succeed in any game, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the situation. India’s batting great shuffles between moments of aggression and caution with good awareness.

It could be noted, he was initially quiet and even scratchy against Australia. In India’s campaign-opener, he did commit himself a bit early too early to that stroke that went high up in the air and was eventually grassed by Mitch Marsh, leaving tens of thousands of Aussies distraught.

Yet, it ought to be noted, that Virat Kohli didn’t hold himself back or come under pressure; he stayed on and capitalised on the chances and look where that got the hosts of the 2023 ODI World Cup.

What a win, right?

And as seen a few hours back against Afghanistan, Virat Kohli, showing no signs of being jittery whatsoever as was the case against Australia, on occasions, was on song.

A sense of fluency marked his innings. The wristy flicks, the elegant nudges to the off side and the brilliant leg glances towards the fine leg boundary; Afghanistan couldn’t contain him.

Was the 55 unbeaten runs among the best fifties ever seen in a World Cup match? Probably not fair to ask that to Afghanistan at the moment.


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