With an impressive track record of two wins from two matches, it’s clear that team India is emerging as the most dominant and formidable force in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

Their stellar performances have set them apart from other teams, making them a strong contender for the tournament title. Keep an eye on their exceptional skills and cohesive teamwork as they aim to maintain their winning streak and secure victory in every match they play.

The Indian team boasts a solid foundation, with a well-rounded skill set that covers all aspects of the game, from bowling to batting. With pitches that favour spin bowlers, they consistently present formidable challenges to teams less accustomed to facing such skilled spinners.

Right from the start of the tournament, it was clear that they were in excellent form. Their first match against Australia in Chennai showcased their skills and adaptability. The pitch conditions at Chennai were challenging, with a slow and low surface that favoured spinners. The opponents struggled to cope with the conditions and ended up posting a meagre total of 199 runs.

During the run chase, India found themselves in a tough spot after losing three important wickets, including their captain Rohit Sharma. However, under immense pressure, Virat Kohliand KL Rahul displayed exceptional skills and determination to rescue their team. Their remarkable performance showcased the incredible depth and talent of the Indian batting line-up.

Despite the numerous positive aspects of the Indian cricket team, many people often wonder why they seem to struggle when it comes to winning titles and falter at crucial moments.

For the most part of the 90s and 2000s, Team India had a reputation for losing in finals. However, their fortunes took a turn on that remarkable day when they emerged victorious in the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007. 

This was followed by an incredible triumph on home soil as they lifted the coveted 50-over World Cup in 2011. These victories marked a momentous occasion for Team India.

But here’s the shocker.

Despite consistently making it to the knockout stages of every world cup event, they have yet to claim a coveted world cup title. Whether it’s a lack of that killer instinct or succumbing to the pressure of devoted fans, failing to secure the 2023 World Cup title at home would undoubtedly be a massive letdown for them.

Having said that, just how has the team fared since 2011 and in prominent events?

In 2013, Team India under Dhoni emerged victorious in the Champions Trophy, held in England. It was a remarkable achievement for them; their last triumph in an ICC event coming after a span of nine years.

In such time, India emerged finalists of the World Test Championship, the biggest Test match battleground, on two separate occasions.

Yet, the title remained elusive.

This is undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow for a team that has dominated several bilateral series’ on their home turf and achieved remarkable victories on foreign soil. Think the plodding of the Caribbean sides in the past half a decade. Forget not the thumping of the Aussies at The Gabba.

Having said that, it is not uncommon to wonder why certain teams seem to have an easier path to the knockout stages. In the case of India, such a scenario may appear due to a combination of factors.

It is, however, important to acknowledge that some of the top teams have been going through transition period for some time.

Australia are with ageing giants in a Warner and Smith. Marsh isn’t really in the greatest of forms.

The Proteas of the present, despite being replete with matchwinners who are making the right kind of noises, are well beyond the Amla, Faf, AB, Steyn and Morkel-era.

Forget also not that Sri Lanka are perhaps enduring a rather tough run as seen so far.

Such scenarios can create opportunities for other teams, like Team India, to secure their spot in the later stages of the competitions.

It’s also worth noting that each tournament is unique and unpredictable, so what may appear as an “easy route” could well be a result of various factors such as match-ups and team performance during specific periods. 

Ultimately, it’s necessary to consider all aspects before drawing conclusions about any team’s journey in a competition.

To ensure Team India’s success in the finals, it is crucial for them to face challenging opponents along the way. Not that so far any have come their way but these tough games, should there be some in the days ahead, will likely prepare them to overcome any obstacles such as complacency.

After all, what good can be achieved by walking on paths that are just flowery and decked with easygoing ways forward.

By experiencing adversity early on, should that happen, Team India will be better equipped to deliver under high-pressure circumstances and achieve their goals.

What do you reckon?

With India’s impressive start in the tournament and the advantage of playing on home turfs, there is a strong belief that they have the potential to finally break their World Cup curse. Something just about everyone who follows their cricket would want.

However, cricket is a game filled with unpredictable moments. This is a sport marked by uncertainty. Ultimately, the team that performs exceptionally well on any given day is one that emerges as the victor.

On that note, it’s just important to submit that tens of thousands of intrepid cricket lovers will want India to be those victors.


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