Jos Buttler’s batting didn’t quite work in the recent ODI World Cup. Many are now speculating whether this will be his final appearance in the competition. His lackluster performances made us wonder if he’s becoming less of a World Cup storyline fixture. 

Jos Buttler, regarded as one of the finest white-ball players in England cricket, had great expectations going into the World Cup.

He was expected to give a memorable performance. He was expected to make a big impact in the tournament because of his reputation as a dependable player in the shorter formats.

Anticipation vs Reality

Viewers anticipated- and they couldn’t be blamed- that Buttler, with his reputation as an elite white-ball hitter would bring his A-game to the field.

Alas, it wasn’t to be.

His ability to play aggressively and adjust to the shorter formats has given England a new dynamic.

But where the 2023 World Cup stands, then Buttler’s struggles at the wicket, however, underlined the defending champions’ woes this World Cup.

The usual butchery with the bat made way for ill-timed and often, strange dismissals, all of which contributed to this:

Poverty of runs

His poor performance changed the landscape that his explosive batting had previously defined and became a source of frustration for England and their jubilant fans. 

Now, let’s delve into Buttler’s story with the bat in this World Cup. Match after match, his innings lacked the usual spark, and the once-reliable batter seemed to grapple with finding his rhythm. The statistics paint a clear picture of a player who, for some reason, struggled to replicate his past successes, leaving fans and critics alike to dissect the nuances of his uncharacteristically subdued performance on the grand stage.

Jos Buttler, on Saturday, registered an unwanted record to his name as he become the skipper to score the least amount of runs in any ICC CWC Edition by breaking the record of Wasim Akram. 

The England skipper ended the frustrating campaign with only 138 runs across 9 innings with an average of 15.33.

Not even sweet 16

His highest score throughout the campaign was 43 which came in the first game of the tournament against the BlackCaps.

So, what are we talking? What else, but a campaign without any fifty.

Telling mode of dismissals

Throughout the World Cup, Jos Buttler’s mode of dismissals reflected a tale of uncertainties.

Thrice, he found himself caught in the corridor of uncertainty, edging deliveries to the keeper. Another three times, he fell victim to bowlers, including the exquisite deliveries of Kuldeep and the inswinger from Naveen.

Buttler’s usual power-hitting style ended twice in a way that would typically send the ball into the stands, but his luck seemed to have abandoned him on those occasions.

The campaign concluded on a somewhat symbolic note with a run-out against Pakistan, marking the end of Buttler’s challenging run in the tournament.

As the World Cup draws to a close, Jos Buttler’s future in the ODI arena seems unclear.

Were things that bad in 2019?

In 2019, just four years ago, he was the bright spot, essential to England’s historic victory, leaving his mark on cricket history. When we jump ahead to 2023, the story takes a sharp turn.

With the dubious distinction of being the captain with the fewest runs in any Cricket World Cup edition, Buttler, now wearing the captain’s cap, leaves the competition.

It’s a story told through two very different images that vividly depict the highs and lows that cricket, like life, can have at any time.

The question now lingers — will Jos Buttler find his way back to the ODI World Cup stage four years hence, or has this chapter reached its final page?

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