In an age where there’s no dearth of corruption in any steam of life and I’m not even talking about the laziness of the human mind to let ChatGPT take over our lives, what could be worse than being hit by cancer?

Not just a sun sign; but the emperor of all maladies you’d not want any son of a gun to have- or would you?

You don’t want cancer or any of its cell to touch even your worst enemy, let alone a public enemy of state. 

But just imagine what would be if Cricket, a gentleman’s sport, was able to stand up for cancer as it often has, to remind us all, yet again, that all’s not over?

Or, what if, one of the nicest and finest lads in the world of contemporary white-ball cricket was to raise a voice of concern about a condition that none would like to be close to under any condition? 

In times of strife, we resort to any kind of healing balm; even if that means listening to one’s wife. Yes, that often under-appreciated soul who deserves more plaudits than come her way, generally speaking? 

Do we not?  

But amid the pains, cries and the sheer helpless of being struck by cancer, few things could give more hope to a certain Caribbean island other than getting Rayad Emrit to support the cause that injures life. 

So we know C is for cancer. C is also for cricket. But that’s not all; remember C stands also for Compassion- a way of life, a truth we know, but a virtue few come to possess. 

And some that do, go out of their comfort zones to rally behind causes that matter to human lives. 

One is glad then to find among gentle and caring souls- someone like Rayad Emrit of the West Indies, Trinidad to be precise, a man who’s got associated with the noted Trinidad and Tobago Cancer society. 

Speaking to Caught At Point exclusively about why he got involved with the charity in the capacity of a board member. 

To most of us, Rayad is the all rounder who whacks the white ball about as hard as he times it.

And not just that; he is a batsman who can claim wickets at regular intervals and vice versa in an age where our attention spans are getting narrower but the size of egos and self inflated worth isn’t.  

“I chose this organisation not only because it is one of the longest standing NGO’s in our country, but because cancer has got so many people,” Rayad Emrit who’s a part of the Legend League Cricket and other purpose leagues such as the CPL told our platform. 

“And I know”, Rayad Emrit continued, that the TTCS and the work they do has had a significant positive impact on the lives of so many people.” 

We wish this selfless and caring cricketer boundless success as he works hard to spread the message that, time has come, we must truly believe in – “Cancer is beatable. It isn’t a dead ball!” 

May many successes, smiles and a sense of perpetual contentment come to those who get healed at the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer society.

May several other cricketers such as the gentleman called Rayad Emrit too stand up for change we all strive to eliminate from our lives.

Way to go, Rayad.

Hail, the island of the Prince of Trinidad. There are some we’ve lost already to this despicable evil, but just imagine how many you can save if you joined the movement now?

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