As our hands slip along the silky fabrics, Jordan Silk, a pure gold of a cricketer from the Sydney Sixers contingent, doesn’t let the ball slip away. That’s whether he is diving or airborne.

He is arguably the best fielder in the world at this time and if he has gained popularity in the last few years, then it’s only probably because of his stunning fielding efforts. 

Stunning is the word.

source: Fox Sports

Age, gravity and impossible are just words to the 31-year-old Jordan Silk, as he ignores them like how we ignore the ads that come in between the overs, as he possesses the ability to fly whenever the ball is in the air.

On the luckiest day of the fielders, the ball finds them and lands perfectly on their hands, but this isn’t the case with Silk, as he finds the ball before the ball finds him and never lets it go past the boundary. 

Just as the bowlers aren’t given much credit, the fielders are the ones who rarely get recognised for their efforts.

It seems as though Jordan Silk makes a statement every time he dives or throws the ball inside the boundary when it’s sailing over the ropes. 

Playing for the Sydney Sixers in the BBL from the onset of the 2013/14 season, Silk has earned immense popularity with his outfield skills, which pull in the spectators anywhere in the stadia Down Under.

What’s more to Jordan Silk, the is a rocket fielder?

The Penrith-raised cricketer Jordan Silk is a right-handed middle-order batter who is also one of the key players behind Sydney Sixers’ two titles and four-time runners-up. With over 100 T20 games under his belt, Jordan has hammered 2066 runs in just 94 innings with a steady average of 31. 

When it comes to red-ball cricket, Silk has 4997 runs in just 88 games, including 11 centuries and 23 half-centuries, with the highest score of 181.

His stats speak so that he doesn’t have to do much talkin’

However, Jordan Silk is a lot more than a gun fielder and for some reason, he is yet to don the yellow. 

Recently, Ricky Ponting, one of the all-time greats, rightly quoted Jordan Silk as the all-rounder, as he explained who is known as the all-rounder, the one who excels in the two facets of the game and that’s what Silk has been doing for a while now.

The former Australian captain also said that the fielders are adding much more than what they are known for.

And Friday night was all about Jordan Silk again, as the way he patrols the boundary is something only a few can do. He made a number of freaky saves with his heroics on the SCG’s outfield, which ended up being the bare margin of 8 runs as Sydney Sixers claimed the win.


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