The IPL 2024 game in Hyderabad last night between the Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians will never be forgotten. Unlike any previous T20 match we’ve watched, it was a run feast. Both sides amassed a massive 523 runs in just 40 overs. Who would have guessed that in such a brief game, we would see nearly 500 runs? 

With an amazing 38 sixes in the match, it was the high point of the action! The record number of sixes in a Twenty20 match is that. Both sides were consistently hitting the ball out of the park, making it a slugfest.

Each team was vying with the other to score more runs than the other, making the game an exciting rollercoaster. Fans were on the edge of their seats the entire time as limits appeared thick and quickly. 

It was a spectacle in the end, not simply a contest. A demonstration of T20 cricket’s ability to excite and amuse. And for those who are fortunate enough to see it in person, it creates memories that will last a lifetime. 

Bowlers in T20 cricket these days have a demanding role. It’s quite difficult for bowlers to prevent batters from scoring because they are controlling the game.

But amid all of this, Cummins and Bumrah were the two bowlers who stood out the most. They conceded just over 9 runs per over, demonstrating that they were not affected by the pressure. Cummins demonstrated his abilities by taking two wickets. It just goes to show that skill and experience always come through, no matter how difficult the game gets. 

Bowlers like Cummins and Bumrah shown that they still have what it takes to have an impact, despite the fact that the hitters were blazing. Their performance served as a reminder that in the quick-paced game of Twenty20 cricket, players’ skill and tenacity matter just as much as huge knocks and high scores.

Four players scored fifty runs in last night’s game, which was a batsman’s dream come true. It took Tilak Verma the longest, requiring 24 balls to get his fifty. However, that is by no means slow! Abhishek Sharma hit his fifty in just 16 deliveries, demonstrating his lightning-fast speed.

Not far behind, in 18 deliveries, was Travis Head who reached his milestone; Klassen followed shortly behind in 22 balls. Even the slowest fifty was scored so quickly—can you believe that?

Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad was an incredible pandemonium. The expansive nature of the field increased the intensity of the match. Every shot seemed to fly even further than any previous hit since there was so much space to cover. For everyone who watched, it increased the excitement and made the contest even more memorable.

There was a lot of discussion over Hardik’s strategies during the match, particularly in relation to his usage of Bumrah in the bowling attack.

One of the best bowlers, Bumrah, was brought in somewhat late. In just three overs, Hyderabad had amassed forty runs without losing a wicket, and Bumrah was finally brought on.

However, he was out again after only one over, and the Sunrisers quickly accelerated to almost 160 runs in just 13 overs. This caused some people to take notice since Bumrah was lingering on the field while the other bowlers were getting blasted all over the place.

A lot of people believe that Bumrah ought to receive the ball at the beginning of the innings. They think that his ability to get wickets quickly with the new ball could have a significant impact on the outcome of this mega IPL 2024 match.

In the end, this particular IPL 2024 contest was one that will be cherished for a very long time. With a record-breaking number of runs, outstanding batting performances, and strategic talks, it had everything a cricket fan could ask for. The players’ displays of strength and skill turned the game into a thrilling spectacle. 

After a fantastic cricket match, Hyderabad fans left the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium with fond memories. It reminded us of the reasons we adore Twenty20 cricket so much: its excitement, unpredictability, and ability to keep us engrossed in the match until the very final ball is bowled.

Image source– Official Sunrisers Hyderabad Twitter/ X handle


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