Gagandeep Singh
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Simple, bearded, very much “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” person, Gagandeep Singh is not your average cricketer. He can be found raising awareness on hygiene initiatives on the radio.

He can be seen, on other occasions, speaking on the need to stay fit on social media. I’ve even seen him go live on Facebook on more than one occasion too many where he’s simply asking for your well-being.

Reference to context being the several live videos this 29-year-old determined athlete did during the lockdown period where his simple presence was behind the microphone, talking to the world when most of us were tucked inside the confines of the pandemic-riddled existence.

I couldn’t find copious references on this Kenyan cricketer who wishes to reach out and has his share of things to say to the world he feels must listen to his side of the tale.

In fact, on the contrary, I found some numbers that made sense only when a discussion- which you shall read below- transpired.

But let a thing be said for certain.

Gagandeep Singh, with his unassuming voice has dreamt of this sport for as long as he can imagine and his current aim in life- I’m thrilled to share- is about a format that isn’t restricted to your or my favorite team, rather one that’s a favorite of the world.

Can you imagine Cricket in the modern conception minus T20s? Surely, had the sincere athlete been next to me this very second and not in the United Kingdom where I found recent social media footprints on, he’d have nodded with smile and admission.

Right say, champ?

That said, here’s one of the nicest Kenyans you’d ever get to know, one with perhaps his best years ahead of him.

As a matter of fact, this resilient right-arm medium fast is also a brand ambassador of the paraphernalia associated with the gentleman’s sport: Valiant, Ascus Cricket, and Moonrise Cricket.

Hope you enjoy Gagandeep Singh’s tale in a Caught At Point Exclusive:


Tell us something about your cricket journey; how did it all begin and when did you realise you wanted to be a professional cricketer?

I used to watch my dad and neighbours play with a tennis ball in the backyard, I loved it and joined them, they soon all joined a local club called Impala, but I was too young to play for the team. As a result of which o I use to train with the senior team, after the club dissolved its team players moved to different team I moved to Sikh union where I was the 12th man for the second team. There I would get to do fielding in one or two games in the league. But slowly, I was part of the second team, then the 1st team, and finally became the captain for the Sikh union club for no fewer than 9 years, where we won the club 1st maiden trophy.

At the moment, I play for Sir Ali Muslim Club and we are trying to win all we can as a team. The credit for this journey goes to my father, who is the team manager for Sir Ali.

Before quitting Sikh union club after no fewer than 9 years, it was under him that we won several trophies for the club.

I sincerely hope we continue to do the same with him even now for our new club, and my coach Nadeem Ahmed who has made me a cricketer. Boundless regards to them.

How did you make your way to the Kenyan team?

My dream is still to play for the Kenyan team, as I haven’t played for The Kenyan team Yet. I was part of Kenya-A camp and The emerging Kenya team. Still working hard to Become A part of the Kenyan Side.. hopefully, I will Soon be named.

What are the challenges a modern-age cricketer has to face if he’s to go a long way?

Now days cricket has gone to another level, mental and physically you have to be fit for every challenge nothing comes easy..key thing is to be fit.

What have been the most memorable moments from your journey so far?

Being named as captain for Roaring Lions in Afro T20, where there were other international cricketer, definitely getting Imran Nazir Bowled too.

Do you have any role models, away or on the pitch?

Yuvraj Singh has been my role model on the pitch and away.

Tell us how do you prepare for a game. What sort of mental preparation goes into contesting for a game?

Practice is key as it makes u perfect, then yes mentally I want keep myself fit for the game.

What teams do you frequently follow since probably following all may not always be possible?

I have been following the Indian Cricket Team.

What format of Cricket do you feel is the best or one you enjoy the most?

I love all formats but Test is the one I enjoy most, as it the real test of mental and physical fitness of a cricket.

Are there any records you have in sight to break and make?

To play all franchise cricket all around the world and perform well at that! What’d be, of course, nice would be to get a 5 wicket-haul whilst playing for the national team on debut.

What’s your one big aim for the Kenya team and where do you think cricket is headed in your country at the moment?

One big aim for Kenya Team is to come back to it glory days like 2003 World Cup when we reached the semi finals. Cricket Has fallen here as you know we led the way to countries like Ireland and Afghanistan and Bangladesh to start playing test, we were one of the strongest associate team that was looking to play test at one time, now we have lost our ODI status, you can imagine how things have gone.

Gagandeep Singh
image credit: Gagandeep  Singh official


If cricket itself were to be a person- not that the die-hard fan hasn’t by now given it a mortal form- it would seek in every talent its being.

So why do we mortals: hero-worshipping, hype-loving, fanatics who can leave anything for Cricket not pay enough attention to everyone who participates with dedication?

At 29, Gagandeep Singh is no teenager.

He’s travelled quite some distance by his admission to pursue a dream, a dream that he feels will connect him to his purpose: to play the sport he lives for.

You can find him here:


Facebook: @Singhgagandeepofficial 



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