Bangladesh’s cricket journey in the 2023 World Cup was nothing short of infuriating. Fans, brimming with hope, were bitterly let down by the team’s abysmal performances. The Tigers, once a force to be reckoned with, appeared feeble and lost, leaving supporters seething with frustration and utter confusion.

Nobody saw it coming. Not the experts, not the fans. Everyone expected more from the Tigers, given their history of fighting hard in past events. Beating Pakistan in ’99, upsetting India and South Africa in ’07, and repeating the feat in 2011 and 2015 – these were the moments etched in memory.

Yet, in the 2023 World Cup, in conditions reminiscent of their homeland, they faltered spectacularly. After two decades as a test nation, the frustration grew. Especially with seasoned players like Shakib and Mushfiqur, expectations were sky-high. But the team’s dismal performance left everyone questioning what went so horribly wrong.


Bangladesh’s batting was a complete mess. There were fleeting moments of competence, but overall, it was an infuriating display of inconsistency. The top-order batsmen couldn’t handle pressure, crumbling when it mattered most.

This lack of stability put excessive strain on the middle order, leading to consistently poor scores. It was a maddening pattern of failure that left fans seething with frustration.

Let’s have a look at the performance of their main batters in the ongoing World Cup-


M: 6

RUNS: 104

Average/SR: 17.33/64.59

HS: 43

Mushfiqur Rahim

M: 7

RUNS: 171

Average/SR: 28.50/78.44

HS: 66

Litton Das

M: 7

RUNS: 225

Average/SR: 32.14/78.39

HS: 76

Apart from Mahmudullah, no one has shown any signs of consistency with the bat and this has been the main cause of Bangladesh’s dismal performance. 

Bowling Woes

Bowling was a complete letdown. Despite occasional signs of talent, Bangladesh’s bowling attack was shockingly weak in the 2023 World Cup.

They couldn’t contain the run rate, and the options were painfully limited. Mehidy Hasan, Shakib, and Mustafizur Rahman, touted as the spin and pace leaders, failed to deliver, leaving supporters deeply frustrated and disappointed.

Mustafizur Rahman

M: 7

W: 4

Eco/SR: 5.75/84.0

Mehidy Hasan

M: 7

W: 9

Eco/SR: 5.46/37.3

Shakib Al Hasan

M: 6

W: 7

Eco/SR: 5.18/45.0

Fielding Standards

Bangladesh fell behind its rivals in fielding. Dropped catches and misfields didn’t just cost runs; they crushed team spirit.

Fielding is supposed to lift the team, especially in tough conditions, but this unit did the opposite, leaving fans seething with anger.

The fielding standards have been pretty low for Bangladesh and as per the stats given by Crictracker, they were given 4.5 points out of 10 in the fielding department in the ongoing World Cup. Embarrassing state of affairs?

Mental Resilience

Mental toughness is as vital as physical strength in cricket. Bangladesh lacked the mental fortitude to overcome challenges. When it counted, the senior players failed to display the needed toughness.

Shakib, who had an impressive performance in the 2019 WC, left fans in utter disarray with his dismal show this time. It’s enraging to see the stalwarts falter in crucial moments.

This lack of mental resilience was frustrating for fans who expected their experienced players to lead by example.

Instead, they witnessed a disheartening display of indecision and weakness.

The disappointment stemming from this failure lingers, leaving supporters questioning the dedication and determination of their once-reliable heroes.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, seeing a team once admired for its fighting spirit succumb to fragility.

In the end, what was anticipated to be a display of unwavering commitment turned into bitter betrayal.

Fans, once filled with pride, are now left seething at the sight of their once-reliable heroes crumbling under pressure.

It’s a stark reminder of the team’s lost grit, leaving a bitter taste of disappointment and anger in every supporter’s mouth.


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