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On June 29th, 2024, the Indian Cricket Team finally experienced a long-awaited joy, victory, and celebration that had eluded the country for 11 years.

The World Cup, which had been out of reach for 13 years, and the T20 World Cup, which had evaded us for 17 years, are now ours. It has been a while since we have seen the entire country erupt in such joy and unite as a whole.

This piece is not about the performance of the team; it is about the life lessons, the joy, and the unification of 140 crore Indians as one. It is about setting a dream together and witnessing its completion before our eyes. So, let’s unravel this here.

Sports and life share a very common feature, and those who watch or follow sports in any manner should recognize this. There will be hard yards in both life and sports, but there will always be a high that brings extreme joy and serves as a salve on the wounds created in the past.

Last night’s win had a similar impact. Every Indian fan, who had witnessed heartbreak unfolding in so many previous events, had high hopes again last night. When South Africa started cruising, everyone felt that the night would end the same way, refreshing old wounds and causing pain once more. But, as we say, don’t give up until the game is over, and this also applies to life. “Don’t give up until there’s some hope.”

This win was special for me, as the last World Cup I witnessed was back in 2011 when I was merely 13-14 years old, and the last T20 World Cup was when I was 10 years old. So, the emotions were different. It was not like the child screaming in joy and saying, “Yes, Dad, we did it!” and then being excited about chatting with school friends the next day. The joy you feel in childhood or in your teenage years is very different from the joy you feel in adolescence or adulthood.

I would not say that the joy of childhood or the teenage years is lesser; it has that passion, that dreamy-eyed wonder where a child sees the dream that someday, they will do the same for their country. In adolescence and adulthood, the joy is different.

You can relate it to your life, recall all the trauma that sports have given us in past events, and feel that relief, that satisfaction, that peace of mind. You quietly close your eyes and let the emotions take over you in a very peaceful manner.

This happened to me last night when Hardik bowled that last ball, and finally, that voice of Ravi Shastri occupied the space in my ears again. From “It’s in the air, and Sreesanth takes it” and “Dhoni finishes off in style” to “India lifts the T20 WC after 17 long years,” it was like life had unraveled its very mystic nature. From the highs to the extreme lows and then to the highs again…

All Indians, every sports fan, and every human being should relate this to their life. The life lesson here is, “This is not the end.” Every time you feel it is, recall this cycle from the Indian cricket team.

Recall the lives of your idols, say Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, or Rahul Dravid. Life will always have something for you if you’re on the right track, working hard, and giving your best. Yes, we can say that success is delayed, but it will never be denied if you keep following your work ethics.

Rahul Dravid lost the main event as a skipper in 2007 in the Caribbean Islands and was not able to win a trophy as a player, but now he has that prestigious silverware. Virat Kohli, throughout his career in the T20 WC, remained the supreme batter, but until last night, he had not won it. For Rohit Sharma, November 19th was a shattering experience, but within six months, he achieved redemption. For Hardik Pandya, who was booed across the country and made a joke in the media, he is now a hero for all of us.

So, yes, definitely, God has something for us here and there; we just need to find it. “SUCCESS MIGHT BE DELAYED, BUT IT WILL NOT BE DENIED.”

For all the young minds out there, let this win ignite your life and never give up on your dreams. Always remember, if there’s a November 19th, 2023, there will also be a June 29th, 2024, only if you keep working the same way you did before.

We will face challenges in life, but after last night’s win, we will never give up because now we have seen that “There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Enjoy the win, let your emotions sink in, let your eyes see the wonderful dreams, and start working in that direction. India’s emotion, “CRICKET,” has given us that message.


  1. Wow! Indeed the trophy filled us with a flood of emotions. It depicted various stories of struggle, faith, patience, hardwork, passion, etc. The blog beautifully captures the same. Kudos to team India 🇮🇳

  2. The feeling is surreal and full of joy but there is still a huge battle for local cricketers of East Uttar Pradesh who have equal emotions for the team but never get equal opportunity in the teams at any level.Like Maharashtra having three associations,Gujarat having three ,bigger states like UP should have not less than 2 associations.Suryakumar Yadav is basically from Ghazipur,but which system forced those cricketers who never look to cricket of this place .

  3. True. Covered different aspects in the article well. Success may appear far but not beyond, Keep writing such brilliant articles.


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