Cal Blankendal
source: Mr. Calvin Blankendal

Rome wasn’t built in a day, cities weren’t created from a happy-go-lucky meeting presided over by great town planners, great music wasn’t born inside the mind, but from the sound produced when hands met a musical instrument, and champions weren’t born in the living room, but on the sports field.

Similarly, great cricket content wasn’t- and cannot be- produced unless and until one were to throw himself behind an idea, a cause, a journey traversing on which one’s led to demographies; cities, towns, districts, the last mile of town where passionate stories reside.

Go there where the stories are and take up a cause and pull your weight behind it.

Bring those to limelight who are searching for light and are, at the same time, capable of lighting many around them.

If one were to simply focus on the star-studded pantheon that, with all due respect, has made Cricket what it is, then what would become of the under-appreciated; talents that have both skill and awe but haven’t been heard from? Individuals who lurk behind the cult of personality, stories that are yearning to be told.

With this in mind, along with his great ally Vernon A Springer, Mr. Cal Blankendal has dived into the world of On Drive to bring a newfound value and passion to Cricketing content.

It’s not cricket done differently; it’s Cricket done with a sense of purpose and passion. Interview-based stories whose author, hero, director and award winner, to speak in movie parlance, is the cricketer.

We are increasingly in an age where content producing factories are running dry on original ideas. Everyone’s running after the same hype, albeit with less vigor and even lesser efficacy. There’s a staleness and dearth of evocative stories that have maketh Cricket what it is.

And if it’s truly a team-based sport as it’s often looked as, then why’s it that only the dazzling big stars get the focus, whilst there remain several who are under appreciated and perhaps never in the limelight?

Cal Blankendal, one of the finest exports of Bermuda to sports content, wishes to eradicate the boundaries between Cricket and those who actually help in making Cricket what it is.

A harbinger of hope. A giver of joy. An inspirer of people. Eventually, a platform where aspirations meet results producing success stories, not all of which are always out there for our knowledge.

Cal Blankendal isn’t your average joe. A business executive of unquestionable repute, an interesting mind who jams along with the movers and shakers of cricket but doesn’t rub his achievements on to the others’ face.

A man of flair and fire, passion and poise, and at the same time, grace and humility.

That’s when he’s been there, done that for sports which deserves to be known, and not done yet.

Someone who wears- with passion, not boastfulness- multiple hats of being a content creator, executive, podcaster and dabbles effortlessly between Football and Cricket.

In Bermuda he needs no introduction. In the Caribbean, he’s going places. And soon, Cal Blankendal will leave behind an indelible mark in the realm of cricket content through a Special Purpose Vehicle sorts of idea called On Drive.

It’s where he’s joined by the widely-regarded Vernon A Springer to amplify the voice and reach of those cricket-related personalities who the world needs to hear from.

He told Caught At Point about his vision for On Drive and what he plans to do in the few years’ time.

What’s the one/ main difference you wish to bring to the world of Cricket content through On Drive?

Cal Blankendal: I want to bring more attention to the untold stories, heroes and events across the entire Caribbean region. We have to much to be proud of and want to offer all stakeholders in sport an opportunity to share their views. We offer extended interviews/coverage so that the viewers can learn, enjoy and be entertained.

What have been the highs / major turning points in your career which is dense and marked with fine achievements in the ambit of Cricket and other sports. This question is being specifically asked to create greater awareness about your journey?

Cal Blankendal: There have been many small successes throughout the last 20 years. I have enjoyed being able to transition from being a youth player, spectator, coach, administrator, CEO and business owner. The enjoyment is still ongoing as I have been able to move between both Football & Cricket.

Cal Blankendal
source: Mr. Calvin Blankendal

What are the challenges of being associated with Cricket given your venerable position and what qualities do you think helped you create your own space. For this could interest and inspire – at the same time- many who wish to get there                     

Cal Blankendal: The challenges are always being able to navigate from being a executive who has to lead but also make difficult decisions that may not be pleasing to all stakeholders. Personally, I have always attempted to be diplomatic, look at each challenge from multiple viewpoints and be accessible but frank when required. You have to do what is right at all times instead of trying to make everyone happy. Be guided by your constitution, by-laws and competition regulations.

We wish Mr. Cal Blankendal all the best for On Drive!


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