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The last time South Africa, whose constitution says that this country belongs to all who live in it actually justified its name as the rainbow nation was when they won the Rugby World Cup way back in 1995.

It was an extraordinary event.

It was a unifier for the people of this great country. More like a glue that brings everyone to stick together.

Immediately after the end of the Apartheid, when the black majority was hurt and revengeful with the inequalities of the past, did Nelson Mandela see sport as the biggest way to bring together a nation who he knew had a future in togetherness and reconciliation and boy did it happen.

Francois Pienaar was the hero then and Springboks was the team. Elis Park was the venue, Johannesburg the city and All Blacks were conquered.

Fast forward to 2019 and people in the country, black and white are again at each other’s throats, with affirmative action, black economic empowerment, land grabs, and Julius Malema all threatening to destroy the heaven they call South Africa. This country has been in the dark ages for too long and desperately needs a shining light of hope.

Again, the sport could be the much-needed hope, with the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The Proteas who have been labeled chokers in the tournaments gone by, need to desperately erase this tag as this time its not about them choking but their county that’s been choked up. Its imperative for them to bring this hope back and have people leave their racial issues behind and celebrate together.

Francois Duplessis needs to do a Francois Pienaar more than ever and if this does happen, we could see a breath of fresh air in the garbage they call South Africa.

Francois, Hash, JP, Quinton, Dale, KG and others you are not only representing a cricket team but a nation that needs inspiration, togetherness, and reason for a better future now more than ever.

Go on and bring the cup home this time. Make the rainbow nation proud and more importantly united. For nothing else is needed. Nothing other than this ever may suffice

Again, as I say, it’s not about winning a cup, it’s about creating history. To every South African there you truly know what I mean.

May God be with the Proteas.

For some sparks ought to ignite a revolution.


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