Kimani Melius

It was just this June, not too long ago, where he scored his maiden T20 century in English conditions. A first time for the avid youngster from the Caribbean in conditions that weren’t anything like the breezy comfort found amid beachy West Indian vibe. 

His 112 off just 42 deliveries stole the show for the Westhoughton CC club and broke the back of many who’d have thought that this was just one of those knocks from Kimani Melius. 

And that he’d soon wither away. Then came the precious 61 against the Blackrod Cricket Club (Bolton, UK). 

The timing of that knock, you had to contend, was as brilliant as the occasion in which it flourished: semi-finals. 

There was also that 85 against the Eagley Cricket Club in that very tour too, one where Kimani Melius, Under-19 World Cup captain of West Indies, has flourished again. 

And in doing so, the right-hander has hammered- not collected- a whopping 162 runs in an incredible effort that helped his Westhoughton CC rise and shine, once again. 

Though what stood out for Kimani Melius was the strike rate of the knock coupled with sheer intent at attacking bowlers, leaving no boundary range untouched by the meat of his bat. 

In taking no more than 149 deliveries, in a 166-minute-stay at the crease, the St. Lucian proved himself to be a pillar of concentration and a hammering force in the Bolton League Division. 

The 45-overs per side tournament has seen, what can be called, it’s most sensational knock thus far. 

That Kimani Melius’s knock equalled the highest-individual score ever achieved by any member of the club is rather incredible. 

Off the field, a calming figure sporting that innocent smile, but on the pitch, the nadir for the bowlers soon as the grilled helmet is adorned over his cool head, Kimani Melius, who aspires to represent the West Indies national cricket team one day, has delivered a solid “knock-knock” on the selectors’ doors. 

A passionate young man who doesn’t shy away from the rigours involved in training and practicing to be a world class cricketer, a bright future beckons the honest trier who’s all of 20. 

If it’s experience that those entrusted with the task of electing him into the main fray of West Indies cricket seek, then that too will come with due passage of time. 

A lot of good work in a very productive stint in England has already been done by the attacking stroke maker who backs himself to go for the shots. 

But if it’s pure talent one wishes to see in the mild-mannered young man’s craft, then there’s hardly a death of any. 

Plenty of which Kimani Melius has done so far- and brightly so- in the UK, since where it comes to producing results- the young man prefers to let his bat do the talking. 

Something that’s been evident in the past quarter of a year where 2021 concerned. 

Keep going Kimani, never stop, never look back. The only way for you is to keep going forwards. 

In the aftermath of Kimani Melius’ recent exploits, his coach and mentor, Mr. Alton Crafton expressed his joy in noting the batman’s recent feat.

A classic example of when you do well and succeed, perhaps your well-wisher is even more happier than you were in the first place.

If such moments aren’t beautiful, then one wonders, what is?


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